Facebook Marketing Solutions – Small Business Boost

I was watching the AFC Championship game and browsing my social media sites on TweetDeck and I noticed that Kristen Mann, a girl I went to Santiago High School with had posted a link to Facebook Marketing Solutions and I found the Small Business Boost project.

The Small Business Boost is meant to inject funds into participating small businesses; the businesses can receive any where from $150 in Facebook advertising to chance to win $10,000 in advertising. I feel this is a great way to build bridges with these small businesses around the country and makes them feel an affinity for Facebook and more likely to return and add more advertising (and pay this time!). I tip my hat to Facebook Marketing Solutions for this excellent promotion and taking steps to building ties with the American small business owner.



About Erik Peterson

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Marketing. I've worked in the past as a Resident Assistant at my university, coached four years of football at the high school, college, and youth levels. I'm currently looking to break into the marketing field. I am very interested in Social Media, Buzz Marketing, sports (especially football and baseball), and outdoor activities. I have a weird sense of humor sometimes but I'm generally normal (or so they tell me) Find me on my other sites: Facebook: facebook.com/petersoner WordPress:erikpeterson90.wordpress.com Personal Twitter: @erikpeterson90 Marketing Twitter: @erikpeterson07 Google+:plus.google.com/u/0/104251133610876424562/posts LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/erik-peterson/41/565/243

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