We’ve Got the Power! Hey Yeah!

We’ve Got the Power! Hey Yeah!

By: Erik Peterson


I couldn’t help but bust out some of that early 90’s Hip-Hop in honor of my excitement for the Year of the Dragon. I am having some trouble sitting here while writing this; I feel the power, the power that our MSUM Dragons are going to get from this Year of the Dragon.

Today marks the first day of the Chinese calendar. The Year 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, a rare occurrence happening every 60 years. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is by far the most exalted of the twelve animals making up the zodiac. Those born under the Year of the Dragon are said to be fiery and passionate as well as compassionate and honest. It is a very lucky year in the zodiac according to Chinese Lore. When you add 2012 being a Water Dragon year, it makes it even more fortunate of a year. The element of water is viewed as being immensely powerful and signifies a year of great growth. And if you haven’t noticed there is a whole lot of water, around 95% of the world is covered by water which means there is a lot of latent power waiting to be harnessed.

  There is a lot of opportunities for the MSU Moorhead Dragons to grow and prosper in this Year of the Dragon, especially our Women’s Swimming and Diving Team whose home is the very element that will make this Year of the Dragon the best one yet. I would keep my eye on those Lady Dragons if I were you; great things have yet to come. You may need to watch closely or you’ll miss them!

I don’t know about all of you but my Dragon juices are flowing as the Year of the Dragon commences. It has to be the Year of the Water Dragon reviving my competitive spirit like a glass of cold water. And speaking of the competitive spirit, the MSUM Track and Field team is primed and ready to make a run at winning a national championship (a run, that’s kind of punny). The ground may be covered with that white fluffy stuff right now but I can assure you that these Dragons have that fiery drive and passion symbolic of the Chinese Dragon burning. Watch out for these quick Dragons because there is no power in the universe that will keep them from making this their very own Year of the Dragon.

Come out and support your Dragon Athletics this year. You never know, this may be your last chance if those darn Mayans are right about that pesky 2012 apocalypse. Wouldn’t you be a little upset if you missed out on this chance to see the might of your MSUM Dragons in the Year of the Water Dragon when it’s all over?

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Go Dragons!

      Originally published in MSUM Dragon Athletics Blog


About Erik Peterson

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Marketing. I've worked in the past as a Resident Assistant at my university, coached four years of football at the high school, college, and youth levels. I'm currently looking to break into the marketing field. I am very interested in Social Media, Buzz Marketing, sports (especially football and baseball), and outdoor activities. I have a weird sense of humor sometimes but I'm generally normal (or so they tell me) Find me on my other sites: Facebook: facebook.com/petersoner WordPress:erikpeterson90.wordpress.com Personal Twitter: @erikpeterson90 Marketing Twitter: @erikpeterson07 Google+:plus.google.com/u/0/104251133610876424562/posts LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/erik-peterson/41/565/243

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