Résumés Not to Resume?

Résumés Not to Resume?

By: Erik Peterson

I just finished reading an article talking about Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm that has invested in Twitter, Foursquare and other technology companies, and how they are shifting away from using the antiquated tradition of resumes and turning towards asking applicants for their Twitter handle, Tumblr, or similar social media sites. They believe that resumes do not accurately demonstrate the full image of an applicant whereas viewing their various sites shows a better-rounded picture.

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This makes me wonder if this trend is going to continue and what it will mean for the future of job searching. This topic intrigues me immensely since I am in my last full semester of college and will be officially a college graduate after completing final two courses this summer, meaning I have already started to research job opportunities all over the country in attempt to get a jumpstart on a very difficult job market. This new development (if it becomes widespread) will alter the landscape of applying for jobs forever. Only time will tell if this change in nature will be for the best or for worse.

According to the article I was reading on the topic, many executives want to know who a person is, what they are like as a person, will they fit into the company socially and professionally? These attributes are much more difficult to discern from our old friend the résumé. In addition to limiting the use of résumés, many companies are using online surveys in a capacity that they become “self-filters” to prevent applicants that have no experience or interest from applying for open positions.

Many companies like IGN, subsidiary of News Corp., have used non-traditional methods to recruiting new interns and employees like their “Code Foo” program (see attached link for more details). One of the kingpins of “non-traditional” business practices, Google, still

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use resumes as a “door opener” to start the recruiting process; Google received around two million résumés last year and hired 7,000 new employees. Seeing those statisitics about Google and reading how innovative the Code Foo program was, I realize that I need to step up my Social Media game and look outside the proverbial “box”. I recommend reading the article that inspired this blog post for more details. Long live Social Media, I look forward to a connected future and accept this new development in the job hunting process as a positive move.

Article inspiring this post: No More Resumes, Say Some Firms

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