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Little Update

Hey, just a quick little update on what’s going on.

Had an interview with Teach Away, a Canadian-based company that hires individuals to teach English in foreign countries at the primary level (grades 1-6). The country I was interviewing for is the Republic of Georgia, a former Soviet Bloc country for those of you who are scratching your heads. Interview went very well, and the position sounds like an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in a foreign culture as well as better myself as a person and future employee. I also figure that this is the time to do something like this while I am young and not tied down with children and a wife. We’ll see how things progress.

More in the way of job-hunting, my father has given his resume to a friend of his who works as a partner in a law firm that focuses on business consumer law who is going to help put me in touch with some good contacts. Fingers crossed that this will be a successful venture starting with a good temporary to permanent position I can grow in as well as benefit the company.

In other news, I have been reading The New Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What You Need To Be Successful With Google Panda by Kathleen McDivitt, MBA. The book is very informative on the change in algorithms for the Google search engine and how it has effected the SEO field. SEO is used to optimize your ranking on keyword searches performed on Google and prior to Panda and its successor Penguin (not covered in the book), SEO specialists would find very broad keywords and optimize their firm’s position for that keyword. However, now with the new algorithms, SEO specialists need to find very specific keywords to use as well as take into account other factors the new system uses like length of time the consumer spends on your site, repeat visits, etc. Panda and Penguin force online marketers to engage their customers on a more personal level to bring them the service and satisfaction they desire rather than “junk”. Definitely a good read for anyone interested in using social media and other resources on the internet to promote and grow their business. I got the Kindle ebook version of the book for free from Amazon but it appears the price is $2.99 currently, still a steal at that price!

I’ll keep up my updates on the job search and my personal journey to continue my education outside the classroom so check back soon.

Later Days, Erik




Been a LONG time!

Hello again! Kind of got caught up in work and school and forgot about this blog but now I’m back and hopefully for good. I’m going to blog about my job search, new skills I pick up from reading and self-teaching, volunteer work, and my aspirations for the future! I don’t know if anyone’s going to be reading this or if I am just blogging to put my thoughts, feelings, and everything out there for myself. Either way is great to me! I’ll post a new entry inside the next week to lay out my “game plan” (had to throw a sports reference in there) for my future. Adios amigos!